May 20, 2015 Kirans Trust

The Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator – OSCR

The work of the Regulator is aimed at reinforcing public trust and confidence in charities. In reporting to them and meeting legal requirements, charities demonstrate to the public that assets are properly accounted for and that it’s being run properly.
Scotland’s charity regulator has recently announced a full revision of its key guidance for charities and applicants, and has called on the sector and the public to give feedback on its draft publication.

Johnny has completed the questionnaire on behalf of Kiran’s Trust. He fed back that Kiran’s Trust would continue to pass the charities test. However he will review our business model in detail along with the new guidelines to ensure nothing slips between the cracks.
As a reminder the objectives of the Kiran’s Trust are to advance the education and participation of young people in Scotland in the subjects of creative art…in it’s broadest sense, writing, music, and sport (currently Taekwondo and Football) by providing and assisting the provision of tuition and facilities (not required to be provided by the local education authority) for such education and participation.