May 15, 2014 Kirans Trust

3v2 Soccer Academy our new partners

It’s an absolute thrill to working with Roddy and Murdo at 3v2 Soccer Academy.

Looking forward to their ‘World Cup’ event this Summer.


The 3v2 Soccer Academy aims to engage with all sectors of the community and work in partnership to create positive relationships with kids, parents, clubs and organisations.

Our objective is to provide a high qualify, reputable coaching service and design a development programme that is both fun and educational.

All our coaches are all of UEFA qualified standard and are subject to a full police check adhering to our strict child protection policy. They all hold valid emergency first aid certificates while all sessions and its participants are fully insured.


Attitude Having a positive mental outlook that will allow you to always give your best, embracing new ideas as you go.

Behaviour Leading by example to be the very best player and person you can be. Being a great role model for others.

Communication Listening and learning from others, parents, teachers and coaches. Having the confidence to ask questions and being open with others.

Discipline Being on time and prepared to take part in all sessions and conducting yourself correctly at all times.

Enthusiasm Giving your best at all times and showing the positive energy in order to do yourself justice. Be creative in your thinking and express yourself without the fear of making mistakes.

Fair Play Learning to win and lose with the same degree of dignity and understanding your responsibilities as a footballer.

Respect Having respect for your team mates, opponents, coaches and officials. Also having self respect for the good of your own development as a footballer and a person.

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