Art Exhibition – OUTSIDE

October 10, 2020 Kirans Trust

Art Exhibition – OUTSIDE

Activities in Edinburgh are limited this year, but Kiran’s Trust was excited to work with Space Artworks again and sponsor three exhibitors for the Edinburgh Palette online exhibition. OUTSIDE is an exhibition celebrating the outdoors and love of the Scottish landscape from the perspective of indoors in 2020!

Sarah Galliers has been working with Karen and Kirsten for about 20 years to develop artwork together. They meet regularly in the Space Artworks studio and it is a collaborative process. Artwork develops organically over time and they always work on several pieces at once. Some paintings can take up to a year to complete. They favour using mixed media  including acrylic paint, ink, oil and chalk pastels and the use of print and stitch techniques to create original and lively artwork that is multi-layered.

During this lockdown period they have been meeting virtually through Skype and WhatsApp for short sessions with the help of Karen and Kirsten’s support team in order to be able to continue contact and be creative. 

Artworks will be offered for sale and any income generated will reinvested in Space Artworks to acquire new art equipment, materials and general running costs.