June 1, 2015 Kirans Trust

Fancy Creating a Musical Inspired Picture….

Would you like to create an original artwork and be part of our summer exhibition in Space Artworks Morningside?
We are looking for participants to create a small artwork on a 15 x 15 canvas square.
Be inspired by your favourite songs, orchestras, venues, festivals, instruments, musicals, musicians, album artwork or express on canvas how music makes you feel…
Suggested mediums: acrylic, oil, mixed media, photographs, collage, textile..to fit a 15 x 15 canvas square.
The completed canvases will be displayed in the gallery and offered for sale to the public through an open weekend and for 6 weeks in July and August 2015.
If you require one the small blank canvas costs £1.00 and can be purchased from Space Artworks- 410 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 5HY. The deadline for submission of works is late July.